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Paramount Coffee Logo Request

Please fill out this form to the best of your knowledge. All requests are subject to approval.
The Graphics Department will make any needed adjustments to provide the best file type for the requested use.

Date Needed
Contact Information
Logo will be used for:
  • Advertisement (magazine ad, web ad, sponsor placement, etc)
  • Signage (display headers, vehicle decals, show banners, etc)
  • In-House (for example, material to show your business serves Paramount Coffee, such as on a menu, etc)
  • Other: Other uses are subject to approval.
Media Type
  • PRINT (high-resolution, 300dpi or higher)
  • WEB (online only, screen resolution, 72dpi)

If you do not know exact dimensions, an approximation is acceptable.

  • X
File Type
  • Full Color
  • Black (Monochrome)
  • White (Monochrome)
  • Greyscale
  • Other: Alternate colors at special request only. Must be approved before use.
  • Stacked / Vertical (This version is roughly a square or rectangle shape.)
  • Inline / Horizontal (This version is wide and on a single line.)

Comments / Other Information
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